Odrzucenie i samotność. Joachim Bauer o źródłach ludzkiej agresji

  • Anastazja Mołodecka
Keywords: attachment theory, pain, pain threshold, violence, social relations, attachment styles, community


Rejection and loneliness. Joachim Bauer on the sources of human aggression: Aggression by other people, in its various manifestations, is a common phenomenon of the modern world. The mass and repetitiveness of aggressive behaviour support the position of anthropological pessimism. This position is dominant in social sciences, including psychology. The author of the paper considers whether the researchers, who show the evil of human nature, are right. While doing so she refers to Joachim Bauer’s counterarguments presented in his book Schmerz­grenze —­Vom­ Ursprung ­alltäglicher ­und­ globaler­ Gewalt [Pain threshold: on the origin of everyday and global violence] (München 2011). Bauer rejects the view that aggression is inevitable and is a natural human need. In his opinion, it is pain of rejection that is the source of human aggression.

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