Agresja w perspektywie psychologicznej i filozoficznej. Przegląd wybranych teorii

  • Ewa Czerwińska-Jakimiuk
Keywords: aggressive behaviour, congenital and acquired aggression, instincts theories, libido theories, learning theories


Aggression in a psychological and philosophical perspectives: Review of selected theories: The article focuses on the phenomenon of aggression. From the philosophical perspective, the views of Jean‐Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes are presented. From the psychological perspective, the definitions of aggression, with particular emphasis on the findings of Erich Fromm, and the main psychological theories: the instinct (Sigmund Freud, Konrad Lorenz), libido (John Dollard, Neal Miller, Leonard Doob, Ovral Mowrer, Robert Sears, Leonard Berkowitz) and social learning (Albert Bandura) are presented.

Review articles and polemics