Die Bedeutung der Bildung: Im Gespräch mit Martin Heidegger und Hannah Arendt. Ein Vortrag gehalten am 18.06.2018 an der Universität Augsburg


  • Paulina Sosnowska




Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, education, modernity, university, totalitarianism, Bildung, thinking, politics, public sphere


The importance of education: In conversation with Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt. The text is a lecture delivered in German at Augsburg University in 2018. Its aim was to share with German colleagues from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (including both Philosophy and Education) the research whose effect was the publication of Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger. Philosophy, modernity and education (American edition 2019). The thesis of this lecture (and the book) is that Arendt’s answer to Heidegger’s philosophy, intelligible only within the wide context of both thinkers’ struggles with the philosophical tradition of the West, also opens up a new horizon of conceptualizing the relationship between philosophy and education. This enterprise begins with a critical reconstruction of concepts that traditionally connected education to philosophy. Thereafter, it is a development of Arendt’s thesis of the broken thread of tradition, situated in the wider context of Heideggerian philosophy and his entanglement with Nazism, and consequently, it questions the traditional relationship between philosophy and education. In the final parts of this book returns the problem of dialogue between philosophy, thinking, and university education in times whose political and ethical framework is no longer determined by the continuity of tradition, but the caesura of 20th‑century totalitarianism.





Teaching philosophy, lecturing