Joga dla Polki i Polaka. Rzut oka na recepcję indyjskiej duchowości w Polsce


  • Marzenna Jakubczak



Yoga philosophy, modern postural yoga, psychophysical practice, religions in Poland, reception of Indian culture


Yoga for Poles: a glance at the reception of Indian spirituality in Poland: The article starts with a review of data on the religious afliations and involvement of contemporary Poles, with special focus on religious traditions originating in India. Then, outlined briefy is the Polish reception of the Hindu and Buddhist religio-philosophical ideas, regarding the period between the mid-nineteenth century, through the 1990s and on to the present day. Both the oriental religions and psychophysical exercises associated with yoga have various connotations for Poles, who mostly identif themselves as Christians. Along with the gradually growing popularity of modern postural yoga, one can observe increasing fears and prejudices developing, ones which are usually based on ignorance or confusion. In the following part of the article the term “yoga” is elucidated. The author also discusses the origin and the signifcance of yoga as a phenomenon within the context of Hindu culture. Finally, she considers the question as to whether yoga, as it has been adopted in Polish society, should be rather associated with physical culture and a method of relaxation or with a religious movement and a spiritual path. In conclusion, the author addresses the issue of the alleged incompatibility and discrepancy between the non- -western ideas implied by yoga and the Roman Catholic worldview predominating in Poland.





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