Soteriologiczny paradygmat wadżrajany


  • Marek Szymański



symbols of Buddhahood, symbol manipulation (ritual or imaginative), moral and cognitive virtues, deity yoga, internalization of a ritual


The soteriological paradigm of Vajrayāna: The purpose of the paper is to determine the distinctive soteriological paradigm of Tantric Buddhism. The view of Shinichi Tsuda is critically analyzed. The belief that symbols of Buddhahood are essential to achieve Buddhahood appears specific for Vajrayāna. Relevant manipulation of the symbols can be ritual or/and imaginary. Followers are convinced that the manipulation enables them to achieve the final religious goal, not only the intermediate steps. They also believe they can activate and control the processes that are not dependent on enlightened beings’ good will. However, such a position need not exclude the appreciation of moral and cognitive virtues. Some aspects and variants of the Vajrayāna soteriological paradigm are discussed to avoid any misinterpretation.