Linguistic argumentation and logic: An alternative method approach in Arabic grammar


  • Solehah Yaacob


linguistic thought, semantic, syntax, declension, deep structure


The author emphasises the relationship between linguistic argumentation and logic. Linguistic argumentation is a language system which uses the meaning of expressions in a sentence to draw the complete meaning of the sentence that constitutes interdependence between the particular expressions. In fact, this connection between expressions enhances the overall meaning based on the very fundamentals of the sentence structure thanks to the logical relationship between ideas, where there lies a relation between words and the mind that is dependent on the logic of combined utterances. In order to justify the above interpretation, the researcher has turned to the theory of the early system of Arabic grammar, which focuses more on the analogical approach rather than anomaly. The analogical approach in the system is based on the underlying theory that implies the aforementioned relationship, even though some modern views may disagree on the interpretation of this issue. To round off the discussion, the author includes similar existing theories on Latin grammar which have shown the logical approach to be a result of the connection between linguistic argumentation and logic. As a result of this discussion, the connection between words and logic is shown to be a universal concept.