Kwestia języka w filozofii Martina Heideggera


  • Marcin Lubecki


language, speech, existentialia, being-in-the-world, disclosedness, fourfold, community


The question of language in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger: Martin Heidegger uses different words to express the problematic issue of language and explain what it is. In the fundamental ontology Heidegger focuses on speech. This existentiale (Existenziale) is the means of being-in-the-world that indicates the area of community and is a consequence of the initial disclosedness of Dasein. However, this is not the most important aspect of language issues in Heidegger’s philosophy. According to his “Letter on Humanism”, language is the house of being and human beings dwell in its home. A human being is not Dasein and language is not speech. Moreover, language is not a tool for expression of thought. In late Heidegger’s philosophy, the question of language is related to poetical thinking and brings with “the fourfold” metaphor.