Bóg Mistrza Eckharta wobec Nietzscheańskiej krytyki chrześcijaństwa


  • Piotr Augustyniak


Master Eckhart, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, criticism of Christianity


Master Eckhart’s God confronted with Nietzschean critique of Christianity: Author tries to demonstrate that the way of thinking about Christian God developed in the late Middle Ages by Master Eckhart goes beyond the interpretation which underlies Nietzsche’s criticism of Christianity as a religion of the other world. In the paper, Author first presents the said criticism, followed by the vision of God outlined by Eckhart. He demonstrates that Christianity, criticized by Nietzsche, uses a commonsense vision of God’s transcendence based on spatial images. The author also demonstrates that Eckhart defines this transcendence in such a way that it does not fall under Nietzsche’s criticism, in particular it cannot lead to the depreciation of worldliness in favour of an invented other world, which Nietzsche observes. Eckhart’s thought makes room for Christianity ‘after Nietzsche.’